Inspired with much to do

recently I have been inspired - to make stitching kits. While Cross stitch would be almost the easiest to do this with, I am not yet stuck on it - in fact I haven't even done any designs as such yet either.
But I am inspired.

Sadly and yet fortunately I have a lot to do before I can apply myself to this idea. Which means that sadly I cant just do it, and fortunate because things can often get better in my head before coming out.

Much to do includes this weekend - which firstly means coming up with a sweet & a sour plate to take to the Embroiderers Guild meet day on saturday. So I am going to make sandwiches on Friday night & am thinking of lolly cake as well. then I plan to be at this event by 9am - doable. There are also duties to attend to while here.
Then Sat Afternoon means coming home by 2pm & being ready to go to a wedding by 2:30pm. And i still have the gift to wrap.

Oh and in the meanwhile I have some PA type stuff which involves making up an email & updating a website or two. Then Sunday I go into town to finish PA duties. Oh and collect my daughter again.

There are parts I am looking forward to: Sat from 11-1pm, then 3pm - 9ish.

the more things change the more they stay the same

our best friends are best, because they are. they always will be and if they have instances of not, then they will be forgiven due to the fact they will ask for it & it will be out of character - not a regular occurrence.

Those people who show true friendship on an irregular basis - in other words 20% (or less) of time - are not friends. and shouldn't be given the opportunity to invade your precious time. They wont change, that is simply who they are.

As has been brought to our attention recently with first Christchurch & then Japan, our time is precious, we only have so much & no one knows how much. So I suggest we make the most of what we have.
Surround ourselves with people who are good to us & if you cant get rid of the rest, at least try to ignore them as much as possible. enjoy the people who are good. Be one of the good ones.

Try new things - keep doing the ones you like.

While it is tempting (oh so tempting) to inflict revenge ask if this is the best use of YOUR time? more than likely the person would not notice nor care.

Live life, like you have a month left.

And so, my daughter's Dad has decided to live in Brisbane. Not see her once a fortnight - but of course he will call & write letters & pay child support. oh well, once a loser, always a loser.

On Helping others

Sweetness will understand me here - something we have discussed before...

When I do something for someone else, it makes me feel good - really that's why I do what I do. It is in the end a selfish act.

With all that is going on in Chch, I gave money directly, I baked some biscuits & got over $70 from my customers today to go the relief fund & I feel REALLY good. It doesn't fix anything down there, but I know it will help.
Tomorrow I am going to pick a mother & her 2 children up from the Ferry & take them to Palmerston North. I don't know these people (but I will soon) they are coming from Christchurch and are friends of one of my close friends - close enough for me.

Solving people's problems & making people happy, makes me happy. Although - lots of other things make me happy too :)

So much, so harrowing. where to start?

seeing all the footage, reading all the posts, seeing the online updates just fills me with so many different emotions.

I first saw the notification that there was a 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch, just after it happened & tried to check a couple of other sites before finally seeing a confirmed pic. I knew communication would be down, but sent out a few texts anyway - hoping, but not really thinking it would be too bad.
Seeing that first picture of the cathedral having lost it's tower, was stunning. One of my first thoughts was - I was walking past there on Friday! 4 days earlier!! Now I worried.
Then I checked Facebook, & relieved that so many people were checking in, letting people know they were ok, letting people know that other's were ok.
Trying to continue to work, was hard. I had to shut my internet off, try not to talk to the people (customers) who I knew had loved ones in Chch, wanting to let them know I was thinking of them, not really knowing the situation.

Patiently I waited for my texts to be returned, not too worried as I knew communications would be down, and a text to me would not be the highest on everyones list.

Once home, I turned on the tv & the horror unfolded further before me... I was walking down that street last week, had my lunch & read a book opposite that concertina'd building! People were dead, confirmed.
Horrible to hope that they would be other people's friends & family and not mine.
Footage going on and on for hours, into the night. I confirmed most of my friends & family were ok & finally bed - exhausted from the worry.

Today, still so surreal.

Thanks to all the aid, thanks to the people opening their homes to strangers, giving what they can. Amazing thanks to those rescuers who helped in any way, to remove rubble, people & rescued all they could & can.

To those Cantabs who have had enough & just want to get out - go, keep your sanity, do what you have to do. It's ok, you've gone through a lot, there appears to be little left. If you have to start again, why not somewhere where the ground is more stable?

For those who stay - wow! good on you, your city is not just about buildings and with strength like yours as it's foundation it will grow again.

To all those who are still waiting - our hope is with you.
To those who know their loved one has died - we share the sorrow.

Bricks & mortar show a city, it's the people who make it one.


I'm sure that some things have gone on that others will be interested in...

work: went to conference & got second in account acquisition & 7th in overall sales person. these were national awards so I feel pretty pleased with myself, just need to keep it up. At the moment though I need to refocus myself I think I've been cruising a little, although we have been consistently busy.

Family: Sam is now 9! arg! she had a good birthday & now i have her to myself every second weekend we really enjoy that. No one else seems to come to our board game afternoons, but we have fun playing a few.

Personal: nothing really, now I really only get every second Sunday free, so it really doesn't leave any time for a personal life. But really I dont mind as I'm not too sure how I would ever co-habitat with anyone & most of the time I actually want a man around it is mostly for financial & lawn mowing contributions. Other than that I have my friends.

Financial: this can always be better, but i think they are getting better, slowly.

Yesterday, Chch was hit by a big earthquake & shallow. A lot of buildings have been damaged & they are having water troubles, but people are mostly fine. I only moved away from there 4 years ago & wonder how the flats I used to live in have fared.
It was interesting to see how the news broke & good to see local & national government pool together to get help where it was needed with the right resources, in my opinion. I think the real hard part will come in the weeks ahead. I also think there are a few positives to come from this quake.
Initially builders, plumbers & many other workers will be inundated with work & more workers will come to the location to help with the clean up, repairs & rebuild. This work along with resources needed will boost the economy with effectively many millions of dollars are now going to be put back into our economy & in particular the Canterbury economy.
Once rebuilt - buildings will be upgraded to be earthquake 'proof', water ways & sewage systems have a chance to be upgraded along with roads."
People are already showing more of a community spirit. Hopefully everyone has now met their neighbours & many groups are getting together & volunteering with some basic clean ups. I have heard that people all over the country are making sure that they have some Civil defence supplies as most of expect this kind of thing to happen in Wellington, but not Christchurch & so most people were caught out.

Of course things are tough there, & will be for some time. There will be frustrations over the time things take to get back to 'normal' & there are people who want a "souvenir" from the CBD but I think the city can handle it, one step at a time. Good luck to you all!

Just so you are in the know

I am reading, but feel so very tired most of the time, that I just can't be bothered updating.
The reasons for being tired are mostly due to work being so very busy - all in good ways.

I have been trying to complete at least one crafty project a week & most weeks I have achieved this - although I confess most photos get put on FB rather than on here.

Last weekend I went to a clothing swap which was awesome! I love to recycle things & get amazing new treasures for nothing. For the pot luck lunch I made Candy Sushi, which was a resounding success!
Today Bob returned & gave me my new DSi XL - loving it so much the battery has already run out & is hopefully charging - although I'm not sure if what I think is a plug adaptor IS the right one. Worst case scenario I will get one tomorrow.

Samantha is playing field hockey again this year, today was the first day & they won :) While winning is not essential, it helps to enjoy the game more!

Today I also emailed her Dad regarding the child support payments. I hate having to do that, don't even really know what to say - but I really don't think i should even help him by dropping Sam off to him, if he can't even pay $60 a month in support payments & I would like to be able to buy her some new shoes for Hockey.

typing of money - Holiday plans are going ok, although saving has slackened, but tickets & airport parking is all paid for - thanks to work bonus, & car hire is booked.
Now i have about 6 weeks to go & need to have some money for fuel, food, fun & accommodation for the Friday & Sat. With a bonus or two, should be able to manage it!

I still think all in all, life is grande!

Calling all Cantabs!

Our holiday plans are coming along. I have holidays approved by my boss & this week will book plane tickets for Samantha & I to arrive in Chch on the morning of Friday the 25th June & leave on the afternoon of 28th June.

my next plan was to look into hiring either a car or a campervan (all be it small). there are numerous options available online, however... unless I get myself an actual credit card I really can't afford the insurance side of things for a camper. This is mostly due to the deposit. I can probably manage the actual car side of things. Looks like I can get a car & insurance for about $120 for the 4days. It's good to be a woman over 25!

So, now it looks like I am going to need to look into accommodation. I know I have many awesome friends who I'm sure would love to be fighting over having the delightful company of myself & my daughter!

I have no set plans for the trip, however we really do need to spend at least a day out in Springfield - although I suspect this can be managed in a day trip. I would also like to spend the Sunday in Temuka visiting the lovely Middleton's & meeting my mother there. of course all of this is yet to be arranged.

I'm not too worried however, June is still a long way off & I am a very resourceful lady :)

Drawing board - I need one.

Wallpaper was a fail on the dress form, we also tried plaster of paris - another fail. So back to to thinking.
I did find some glue tape, but it was $18 for one roll... so unless I find it cheaper, that is a no go. Next week I might try the duct tape idea, but will think on it a bit more until then.

Yesterday I was at a going away afternoon tea with some fellow crafty people, & someone mentioned how there was a sliding scale of left-handedness, so I made a comparison to autism. One person got a bit offended, but the more I think about it, the more I stand behind it. I wouldn't even be surprised if a lot of autistic people were lefties. All about that brain being wired differently.

I love making stuff!

My number 1 excuse for not making myself clothes - particularly tops, is about to end. i have always wanted a dressmakers dummy/doll and tomorrow I will be making one.

Thanks to my new fav craft website I have seen a few "How-to" on how to make a body double. While some seem quick & simple by wrapping yourself in plastic film, I think that could get a little chunky in the wrong places. So I am choosing the paper-machet method. I have a very willing helper who can't wait to get his hands on my torso - hahaha (it'll be the most action I've seen in ages) although i will have to make sure we get an even layer all over.

once done there will be my dress-form. However I don't plan to simply stop there, I want something more. I want mine to be free standing so I can use it easily. So I plan to take:

1 x swing-ball set (from refuse shop) or similar
1 x bottom half of old Tellus vacuum with castors
dirt, concrete or some kind of filler

By putting the swing ball set upside down in the Tellus & filling it, i should have a free standing pole, with little pointy out things near the top on which to rest my dress form. Then I can fix it into place or not.

My budget is $20, & given that i only need to buy paste & the filler new, i think this is achievable. Given that new dress makers dolls are about $300 ( & I don't think that includes them being on castors) I'll be pretty happy if I can pull this one off.

although, now I am looking at the how-to again, I'm thinking it could be more feasible to use old wall paper, with the glue on the back... hmmm less water, stronger finish... more recycling.
Photos may come.

Edit: I found some of the right kind of wall paper, got a full roll, a swing-ball pipe & a set of baskets on castors all for only $5. I will be putting pictures some where! ooooo can't wait!